Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Night Update

Ramsey needed a little sedation this afternoon, but he hadn't had any for 24 hours prior to that (and he's allowed it every 2 hours). Previously, his oxygen levels were too high (pulmonary hypertension) but now, his CO2 (what drives us to breathe) was a little high so they gave him lasiks (diuretics) and raised his vent to 42. This is all par for the course. Because his oxygen levels are good, the nitric oxide was lowered down to 5 so we're almost done with that. Hopefully the CO2 will keep improving so we can successfully lower the vent settings.

He looked so cozy as we left him tonight. The nurse used a small vibrator over his lungs that he seemed to like and she layed him on his right side. This should help to optimize tomorrow's X-Rays. We're anxious to see the latest X-Ray and talk to the professionals about them. Each X-Ray seems to vary and it's hard for us to tell just how big the left lung currently is. Part of this is due to fluid build-up which makes the X-Ray look hazy.

Since he is becoming more alert, the nurse said it is important to give him something to look at; we taped black and white images to his bed to promote better vision.

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  1. It sounds better every day. Can't wait till they can take everything off of him. .He is so cute, I can't wait to hold him. God knows what is best for him, so we just have to be patient...........take care of and Dennis, both.