Sunday, January 16, 2011

No surgery today. he's ok

No surgery today.
he's ok now but had a setback so they want him 2 take it easy now.


  1. You are in our prayers! Lisa, you look great for everything you've endured. Love the picture of the four of you together. Hugs from the Michigan cousins. Ann

  2. Trying again....praying that one day I'll be abel to give you a hug and to hold little Ramsey. We love him already and you strong and know that many prayers are with you...

  3. We had the exact same thing happen with our Charlie. He was all set for surgery on a Mon. and at the last minute they decided not to do it. By Fri. it was a go and it went perfect. We went into it not knowing if he had more than one lung and they determined that he had 1 good lung and 1 fair/small lung. You would never know it by looking at him today, 11 months later. He is the picture of perfect health with 2 normal lungs, I never thought it was possible. I hope you feel encouraged by our story, I needed every positive story I could read when we were in your shoes last year!

    Praying for the same outcome for you guys,
    Jennifer Holmes

  4. Lisa: You look fantastic! We love the family picture. This is the first time we got to read about Ramsey but not the first time you all have been in our thoughts an prayers. We will continue to pray for your litle guy. Your boys are blessed to have you and Dennis as amazing parents. Your strength helps everyone, we are better people beacuse of your courage.
    Andy & Kristy Krinock

  5. Thanks everyone! Jennifer, I too, am encouraged by positive stories...hope I can do the same some day soon.